snowpack is becoming stronger

snowpack is becoming stronger


I am finding very solid snowpack in most areas. We dug one pit yesterday that exhibited two weak layers in the top 35cm and one near the ground. This was a wind loaded slope with HN 230cm. CT test did not fail. No evidence of surface hoar at this location. 9100 feet on a NE aspect.
At lower elevations I found evidence of surface hoar forming, but not necessarily on the snow, see photo.

We are entering a warming trend, which is generally healthy for the snowpack. The conditions are right for surface hoar development; however, I am only finding very isolated evidence of this. Something to keep an eye out for.

We have several weak layers in the snowpack that could fail causing an avalanche, likely a large deadly avalanche. It's hard to find places that exhibit reactive test results, but the evidence is in recently human triggered avalanches. We are not getting a ton of new snow and together with the mild temperatures this will create a strong snowpack over time. The places to watch out for are shallower snowpack areas where the persistent weak layer is easier to trigger.  

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