buried surface hoar

buried surface hoar


We are finding impressively strong snowpack. But we also have a weak layer buried about 2 feet into the snowpack that is very worrisome. It's deep enough that when triggered will be deadly, consider consequences and know where the persistent weak layer is before exposing your group. We have been on the snow all week and find lots of powder to play in without using slopes and connected terrain that is greater than 30 degrees.

SE aspect, 7640 ft, HS 130, PWL buried SH 83, DH 45, CTHsc@83, ECTN23@45. 

This PWL is widespread, but not necessarily reactive in all areas. We did feel a collapse on this same aspect and elevation yesterday, near Sawtelle Creek so we went back to test and found some results. 

Island Park
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Centennials - Idaho
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Bret Rasmussen