Wet snow in Bear Basin

From obs (4/22/2020): "Early this morning we ascended near peak 10467 between Beehive and Bear Basin and skied a line off the south-east ridge. We noticed an old wet slide (a day or so) at the exit of the couloir we skied, and many more slides, point releases and large pinwheels off of south-east aspects of peak 10467 and on the saddle between peak 10467 and 10390. These all appeared to be from yesterday or the day before yesterday. On the north-east aspects there was an approximately 6" wind crust on top of a relatively isothermic upper layer (did not dig deep enough to see if it was isothermic throughout) that started melting rapidly once the sun hit it."

Photo: L. Ippolito

Bear Basin
Advisory Year
Northern Madison, 2020-04-23